Have you ever dreamed of being Miss USA or Miss Teen USA?




If you’ve ever dreamed of being MISS USA® or MISS TEEN USA®, this is your chance to turn that dream into a reality!

We are so excited to extend an invitation to you to interview for the opportunity to compete in your official state pageant for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine. These are the official state preliminaries to the popular MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA® Pageants! You could be the next MISS USA® or MISS TEEN USA®, if you are: Interested in excellence, achievement, and building self-confidence. Single (never married/never given birth to a child), a United States citizen, a resident of your state and between the ages of 14 and 26. Ready to learn about poise, grace, proper communication, and much more! As a contestant in the state pageant, you will be judged in Personal Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown, and you will participate in an exciting state pageant production. To request an interview to possibly become a contestant in your state pageant, please email one photo of yourself to NHCROWN@aol.com. Include the following information with your email: your full name, date of birth, complete mailing address, and telephone number.

Kim Bass is delighted to be working with Clemente Productions, LLC in Talent Development. Once we have received your information, you will be contacted to come in to our New Hampshire office for an interview.

If you have questions call at 603-401-7556. Email:  NHCROWN@aol.com


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