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Kim Bass has a unique niche in the Beauty Pageant industry.

Kim exercised her marketing chops in the Model Star Pageant, a system she founded where the national event winners were awarded the opportunity to be taken into New York City by Kim to be interviewed by the top modeling agencies.

Later as a State Director for the Mrs America Pageant, Kim won industry recognition receiving the prestigious “State Directors Award”

Subsequently Bass was appointed as State Director for the Miss Hampshire USA/Teen USA and New York USA/Teen USA Pageants for the Miss Universe Organization. The Pageants were owned at that time by Donald Trump and NBC Universal, where Kim gained extensive knowledge in branding and digital marketing.

Kim’s clients have included food companies – ogfc.net (where Kim created content marketing and outreach initiatives for the Original Gourmet lollipop company for 4 years), Manufacturing companies and educational companies. 

Bass, who holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Massachusetts enjoys perfecting her golf swing and serving as a board member with an organization that awards merit scholarships to college bound students.

Kim offers business services in marketing, public relations, events, promotions staffing, brand-building strategies and fundraising.

In addition,  Kim Bass is an American Heart Association BLS/CPR  Instructor.

Her training Center is Superior Life Support. 

Kim owns CPR Headquarters, located in Salem, New Hampshire where she teaches the following courses and is credentialed to teach:


CPR, AED and First Aid

CPR, AED and First Aid for Childcare Providers

CPR, AED and First Aid for Caregivers

First Aid

Contact Kim at NHCROWN@aol.com to schedule a CPR class


NHCROWN@aol.com 603-401-7556

Bass Enterprises Productions, LLC

Kim Bass

Kim Bass – President

PHONE: 603-401-7556


This web page of Kim Savage Bass serves the purpose of allowing people in the industry to see encapsulated info quickly

Through her company, Bass Enterprises Productions LLC, Kim works with companies in brand building, marketing, public relations, fundraising and product placement.

To contact Kim Bass, e-mail her at: NHCROWN@aol.com

PHONE: 603-401-7556

About Bass Enterprises Productions LLC

Kim Bass founded her company in 1985. Kim is a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience working in event production, fundraising, marketing, brand building and public relations. Kim holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Experienced in working with clients both large and small, Kim has extensive expertise in advising businesses.

Kim Bass – Background

I’ve got several beauty and fashion industry street creds…I founded a prestigious modeling competition where the overall winners were flown into New York City and escorted by me to be seen by some of the top Modeling Agencies. I sold the company when I was afforded the opportunity to produce events for nationally televised Pageants.

For over a decade I worked with the Miss Universe Organization (during my Directorship, it was owned by Donald Trump and NBC Universal), where I organized the New York and New Hampshire state pageants and worked with the titleholders that you have seen over the years on the nationally televised MISS USA Pageants.E36D0C02-F802-4F80-9EA1-C38E3FE811CD

(Photo above with Donald Trump taken at a Miss USA telecast)

I’ve helped launch the careers of people you have seen on the covers of fashion magazines, and in national commercials, soap operas, as news commentators, authors,  fashion models, actors and working in gigs on some of the reality television shows. What’s more I have a degree from the University of Massachusetts and enjoy negotiating corporate Sponsorships.

I’m married to a great guy…Richard Bass (pictured below) 

81A72727-90F5-4D4D-BA20-3E6DE4201B81To contact Kim, send her an e-mail at: NHCROWN@aol.com

Kim started her production company in 1985 and has successfully produced quality state events.

Kim is a graduate of  The University of Massachusetts Lowell. Kim’s expertise is in Branding, Marketing, Fundraising, Public Relations, Event Productions and Appearance Negotiations for talent. Kim has helped launch the careers of hundreds of individuals in the modeling and talent industries.  Kim’s company is Bass Enterprises Productions LLC

1985 – 1998

Kim is the founder of The Model Star Pageants, where she produced Pageants throughout the Northeast that culminated into a final competition. The winners of her final competition won the opportunity to be brought to New York City by Kim to be seen by the top modeling agencies.

The Mrs. America Pageant (State Director for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)

Kim won the most prestigious honor with the Mrs America Pageant, The State Director Award, presented at the National State Directors Meeting. The judging panel of industry experts selected Kim above all other State Directors, citing several factors, including innovation and ground-breaking ideas in her State Productions.

Kim Savage Bass was the recipient of the State Directors Award Presented by David Marmel of the Mrs America Pageant Organization
Kim Savage Bass
State Directors Award
Presented by David Marmel of the
Mrs. America Pageant Organization

“Mrs. America” is a reality-based prime time television special featuring the most accomplished married women of America. Each year, 51 delegates (all U.S. states plus the District of Columbia) compete for the coveted title of Mrs. America.

1998 – 2011

  • The Miss Universe Organization (State Director for New York and New Hampshire)  The Miss Universe Organization is the producers of the Miss Universe®, Miss USA® and Miss Teen USA® Pageants.(During Kim’s Directorship the organization was owned by Donald Trump and NBC Universal)

Current Position

  • President of Bass Enterprises Productions LLC

Kim works with companies in brand building, fundraising, marketing and product placement by leveraging her 30 years of experience, colleague contacts and venues worldwide to target markets which provide her clients with extraordinary consumer/brand experiences. Utilizing technology, social media streams and various forms of promotional opportunities, Kim will transfer the event excitement to produce more interactions while engaging consumers with the brand’s core values to form a long term consumer/brand connection.
Bass Enterprises Logo

Listen to what Mrs Massachusetts America 2011 – Jennifer Hardy has to say about Kim Bass and Sponsorgoal:

To contact Kim Bass, e-mail her at: NHCROWN@aol.com

PHONE: 603-401-7556

Crown image created and owned by Kim Bass Quote: Unknown
Crown image above created and owned by Kim Bass
Quote: Unknown

SPRING TEAM Representing Haverhill Country Club – Mass Golf CDD2E471-CDD5-4443-BC8C-468741E6BFEB

2021 Haverhill Country Club Spring Team. (Not pictured Marge McLaughlin) Matches are statewide tournaments consisting of 5 matches. The format is singles (1:1 ) net match play at 100% handicap. Points are awarded for each hole won or tied. 

Kim also helps to organize the annual Haverhill CC Women’s Club Championship 

Interests…29 years of perfecting my golf swing! 🏌🏻‍♀️

Kim Bass
Kim Bass

Member of Haverhill Country Club, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Organizations with which Kim is affiliated:

Board member Joseph F. Healey Memorial Organization.

Goal of Joseph F Healey Memorial is to showcase the great talent of golfers in MA and NH by bringing back a well managed, fun golf tournament that will provide all participants with a competitive and professional experience. The funds raised are awarded as scholarships to well deserving college students who are selected based on interviews and submitted essays focused on sportsmanship and character. 


Before I get into the work details of my career, it’s important to point out that I’ve had the privilege through the collaboration of many smart and talented individuals to impact the lives of thousands of young people by providing them with a platform (i.e. interview process with judging panel, speaking in front of large groups and providing a venue whereby they prepare to present themselves mentally and physically for competition).

The reward for me in my pageant producing career has come from seeing firsthand how the pageant experience has impacted and enriched their lives.

I’m often asked “Kim you produced pageants for nearly 30 years…sounds like fun. What did that involve….giving the ladies makeup tips and showing them how to walk on a runway?”

My answer is yes, I did that, in addition to the following:

  • I secured the site location
  • Participated in agreement negotiations with all details involving the venue.  I negotiated the venue details for meals, function rooms and overnight rooms for staff, talent and contestants. I also finalized and authorized all BEO’s (banquet event orders) room pairings, etc.

Developed marketing material to pitch the Pageant – hard copy/internet

  • Marketing – Content – Digital – Outreach – to recruit participants in the Pageants.
  • Use of internet – Facebook/Google AdWords
  • Direct mail
  • Other forms of marketing 

Follow-up telemarketing   

  • Personally secured companies and multiple brands to collaborate with the events I organized. I handled all product placement photos, videos, consumer testimonials and event recaps.
  • Created the layout and collaborated on a the souvenir program book (in addition to selling advertising space in the program book)
  • Organized the flow of event, including the daily schedule/itinerary, and collaborating on a show plan – the style of the show, script for the emcee (hosts of the show), and selecting the panel of judges.
  • Worked with staging, photography, audio and music selection
  • Marketed and distributed tickets for show (including promoting a reserved and VIP area)
  • Worked with the winners and the media
    • Maintained  personal and professional relationships with the titleholders.
    • Wrote and distributed press releases for television, print and radio.
    • Used social media (Facebook & Twitter) in promoting events and brands.
  • Contact me at NHCROWN@aol.com  if you think I may be able to assist you with your next project. I take on the marketing, fundraising and branding projects for large corporations, independent professionals and small businesses. I work from my office communicating with my clients via e-mail, phone and Skype.
  • Clients are most likely to hire my services to gain my 30 years of business experience and contacts.
  • Using my company, Bass Enterprises, allows clients to outsource any projects that can be done from a remote location. It makes sense for clients to work smart and invest their time and resources on what matters…building their business!

In my 30 year career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most talented and accomplished people in the business world. My goal is to offer unmatched services and results that improve my clients’ businesses.

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  1. What an interesting career! I especially liked reading about the college scholarships, great work! And I definitely agree about respect vs attention.

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