Seeking Sponsors for pageants

A pageant sponsor is any person or business that provides funding, scholarships, services or products to your beauty pageant goal in exchange for advertising.

Seeking sponsors for pageants used to take a lot of hard work going door to door and making numerous phone calls reaching out for support. The method to seeking pageant sponsors has now been simplified to help minimize the leg work and maximize your potential sponsors.

Wondering how?

You can create an online crowdfunding campaign here at where you can explain your pageant goal and steps that need to be taken to reach it. Your goal will feature your amount to be raised allowing others to donate and sponsor you to help reach your goal amount.

Once you’ve created your goal make a list of services or products you might need for your pageant, for example, costumes, traveling, and hair styling. Out of your list of prospects, think of which individuals or businesses can provide you with the items you need for your pageant expenses. If you run out of contacts, think of business in your community and online who provide such products or services. You will be able to easily share your goal by sharing it through email and other social outlets like twitter and facebook.

Approaching your prospective sponsors in writing by introducing yourself and your involvement with the pageant. Be prepared to discuss what kind of sponsorship you would like from businesses and what you will include in return for a sponsorship. Be sure to attach your SponsorGoal campaign page!

Do your best to keep your sponsor’s engaged and updated by sharing goal updates on your campaign page. If your offering sponsor perks your sponsors should receive what you promise them. You want to create a solid reputation for your pageant goal in order to line up more sponsors for the following year.

Are you ready to reach your pageant goal with crowdfunding? is your source for simple online funding with over 20 years of pageant funding experience.

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