Pageants and Crowdfunding…a perfect combination

Beauty pageants have exploded in recent years and is a tremendous cultural activity in the United States. Children, teens and women all over the country work hard, with the help of their eager parents, put their best foot and face forward in beauty pageants. *There are 2.5 million females that compete in the one hundred thousand beauty pageants produced each year in the United States.  

Many women of different nationalities had prominent firsts and have helped shape the modern face of beauty pageants, which is now more popular than ever. Pageants are so popular now that you can find broadcast programming and reality TV that highlights the fast-pace and excitement of pageants. The hair, makeup, and competitionÉthe teamwork, confidence-boosting, and refinement. Everything has become increasingly commonplace as time goes on. People are tuning in every day to see what’s going on.

Girls, teens, and women everywhere are willing to participate from the local level all the way up to the national level, where the bright lights and glitz are sure to dazzle. They’ll gain confidence, learn what it takes to succeed, and plan to become a star. One of the most important steps they must take to participate and gain popularity is to raise money for their pageant fees and enter a pageant to gain experience.

It’s not hard to find professional photographers eager to take beauty shots, or filmmakers who would make a reel for you, and even a programmer to make you an attractive website. You can use all of these items, and more, as vehicles to help you in your road to competition and success. All of these ideas are great and they all require raising money to pay a fee for the service.

The pageant entry fee is their primary entry fee. There are also fees for hair, makeup, outfits, lodging, and travel. Fees for dresses and accoutrements. How will you pay for everything? All of these are valid fees and can quickly add up and become difficult for one person to bear alone. Well, you don’t have to bear it alone. It’s easy to enlist the financial support of your well-wishers. Here’s how.

Many state pageant directors encourage pageant contestants to create a campaign on crowdfunding sites like where funders can donate money toward causes or projects that matter to them, like yours. - Simple Online Funding With The Power Of Crowd-Funding To Help Sponsor Your Goals, Passions And Dreams

By registering at SponsorGoal.comyou’ll have a great opportunity to raise money for your pageant entry fee and related expenses. You’ll get a tremendous boost to your success by receiving a free web page with your photo or promotional video embedded, all within minutes. You can also use the social media sharing tools on the site like Facebook and Twitter to promote your cause to friends, family, and followers. You may even go viral and attract the attention of even more donors!

Think of all the expenses there are when you enter a pageant. Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to reach out to donors and have them fund you? We think so, too. Sign up at SponsorGoal.comtoday and see how quickly you can meet your funding goals.

Here’s a quick walk-through video that will help you sign up to get started:

You’re going to see many more girls, teens, and women compete in pageants because they’re so much more popular today than in years gone by. Don’t forget, your friends and family will enjoy helping to make your dreams of capturing the pageant crown come true!

* Source below for number of girls who compete in Pageants and the number of beauty pageants held each year.

Source: Womens News, Columbus Dispatch
Date Verified: 3.28.2012
Beauty Pageant Statistics Data
Number of girls that compete in beauty pageants each year in the US 2.5 million
Number of beauty pageants held each year in the US 100,000

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