Raising Pageant Entry Fees With Crowd Funding Written by Sheena

Taking a new approach to paying for the chance of a lifetime, donations to cover pageant tuition are being raised through the crowd-funding site SponsorGoal.

Taylor Kudalis, a 3rd time pageant runner who wants another year of gowns and a chance to wear the crown uses crowd-funding to raise this years tuition. She is known as the shortest pageant runner for the last 2 years and this year is reaching out through SponsorGoal.com to increase her efforts of becoming Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2012.

Hannah Greenwood, an Iowa teen, is an avid volunteer and teaches children the importance of education. She wants to attend Miss Iowa Teen USA and get a jump start on her journey, but when funds get too low and family cant afford to send her Hannah utilizes SponsorGoal.com to increase her efforts and gain the opportunity to compete in the Miss Iowa Teen USA.

There are lots of ways to pay for pageant tuition. Sponsorships, family, there are even loans available. Pageant season is among us and the tight time frame prompts many state directors to encourage pageant contestants to launch the crowdsourced tuition model on SponsorGoal.com. The site allows anyone from anywhere in the world to donate as little or as much as they desire toward causes that they’re passionate about. Pageant Directors hope spreading the word through SponsorGoal, Facebook, Twitter, family and friends will raise enough funds to send Taylor, Hannah and other women to pageants. More about their stories and a link to donate toward tuition are available here:



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